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            About us

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            1. A high-quality stationery brand derived by constant innovation

            Zhejiang Zhengda Stationery Manufacturing CO., LTD has been established in 1995.

            2. Zhenga-quality

            Environment protection is our belief which we carry out in raw material making, using and products manufacturing. All the process including raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and cargo are according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard. All of this is to make sure that from mould development to producing, everything are under control, to promote the quality and our brand value.

            3. Zhengda-advantage: independent developing and producing 2in1 manufacturer

            Driving from the idea ”improving craft, original design”, we are creating funny and high quality products like our eraser and sharpener combo. We already have our own striking style of design and advantage in developing and manufacturing. Our brands “Zhengda” and  are specialized in market of school, art and office. Our modes and packages are widely praised by foreign customers. Our products have been sold to Europe, America, Asia and Africa.


            We will continuously improving our quality to fulfilled the new demands from our customer. To bring you convenience and satisfaction is our mission.


            Quality and loyalty is the character of Zhengda people. Welcome to Zhengda.

            Contact us

            Tel: 0086-577-86520388

            Add.: No.281, Weishi 15th Road, economic development zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China

            Zip code: 325606

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